Everything, in one dashboard.


We recommend Cisco Meraki for our customers as it is an extremely intuitive platform capable of operating SD-WAN, LAN, wireless, security, and mobile device management systems, all within a single portal.

Our engineers assist customers in the deployment of new systems or replacement of traditional, command-line driven products with these simple to use, but highly-capable solutions. The native Cisco Meraki managed service platform is then integrated into Covene Managed Services to provide alerting & fault resolution.


Wireless, without the work.

Featuring newly available Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) equipped access points, Meraki wireless solutions offer up to 5Gbps workloads via highly efficient, OFDMA, MIMO, and integrated beamforming capabilities.

Power your wireless network with enterprise-grade wireless solutions with the greatest range and performance ever, via 8 transmit and 8 receive antennas.

Embedded security radios keep your network, and your users, safe from threats inside and outside your network.

High performance, low price.

Keep your network online, secure, and scalable to meet today's network needs - and tomorrow's. Easily point-and-click to configure access switches, or your core data center switch.

From 1 to 10Gbit, stacking, QoS, PoE, and support for IP phones, there's an affordable network switch to fit your budget and needs.


Security in five minutes.

Your network has never been so easy to operate. With your Meraki dashboard you can manage a single site or thousands of branches simultaneously. All the visibility, control and reporting you require, without learning network programming.

This is not just another firewall. Out of the box you'll receive Intrustion Prevention, Auto VPN, Content Filtering, Malware Protection, and much more, all enabled with a few mouse clicks.


Smart Cameras.

Ready to see everything? Deploy, configure, and manage cameras capable of seeing up to 180° horizontal and vertical, with advanced cloud analytics, motion, object detection for tracking valuable assets in the office, and smart bandwidth controls to ensure you don't consume your Internet link with camera recordings stored in the cloud.

Meraki MV cameras go beyond security, and enable you to see your business in a whole new way.


Our experience with Webex Room Kits, Meetings, Teams, and 3rd party video, spans thousands of users. We will develop the licensing, deployment, training, and management plans for your successful acquisition & adoption of Webex collaboration.


Access a single dashboard to operate your network from anywhere. With Cisco Meraki, the leader in cloud-managed networks, point & click configure robust security, switching, wireless, surveillance cameras, and SD-WAN solutions. All available for trial now.


We provide managed services to customers utilizing on-premise, hybrid, and cloud-based Cisco collaboration systems. Our monitoring, proactive quality reporting, and in-depth SIP-analysis capabilities make our offering especially unique in the Midwest.