Cisco’s Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Cisco and COVID-19

Cisco has long been dedicated to helping support natural disasters and other events that happen around the globe.  The same goes for today’s major concern of the Coronavirus.  As COVID-19 makes its way around the world, many companies are shifting to a work from home policy and we need to be prepared.  Cisco is already seeing an exponential increase in the traffic on the Webex backbone since the Coronavirus outbreak began.  Specifically, traffic on the Webex backbone for China-based users has increased 22 times since the outbreak.

 As remote working increases worldwide, Cisco is doing four (4) key things to help alleviate the challenge of working from home:

Free Webex - Yep... it's free!

For small businesses and individuals who must deploy a work from home strategy immediately, Cisco is offering Webex for free.  There is no financial commitment and the service is provisioned immediately.   

  • Webex Teams messaging (unlimited)
  • Full HD video meetings – No longer limited to 40-minutes 
  • Added Toll-Dial In 
  • Desktop and Mobile capability 
  • Screen Share/Recording includes 1GB of cloud storage 

Free Webex Trials – No commitment!  

Cisco is offering a free 90-day trial of WebexYou can’t go wrong with the “try before you by” method!  Even better is that you don’t lose features just because it is a trial.  All the superior features we’ve grown to know and love are still available as part of the trial: 

  • Cloud Device Registration 
  • Unlimited meetings – up to 200 participants  
  • Full HD video meetings, content sharing, audio/screen recording  
  • Toll-Dial In and VoIP Audio capabilities  
  • Webex Teams messaging 
  • Microsoft Exchange Calendar Integration, Directory Synchronization, and SSO 
  • Advanced Analytics 
  • Troubleshooting dashboard 
  • 90 days of free Webex  

Existing Customers – License Overage 

Rest assured; Cisco has not forgotten about the existing Webex customers.  If your organization has an active Webex subscription it will be easy to expand the license count for a short period of time.   

  • EA (Enterprise Agreement) - 90-day grace period for yearly license calculations 
  • Active User – 90-day grace period for yearly license calculatoins 
  • Named User – License counts may be expanded by 20% for 90-days  

Take Advantage of These Offers and Stay Safe Out There!

As the COVID-19 virus is now present in at least 5 states here in the US, we should all be prepared to utilize our resources, take advantage of these free offers, and practice good hygiene.  For more information on the Coronavirus Disease from the CDC, click here.

Live updates from the CDC can be found here.

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