Corporate Compliance for 911

As you know, the world we live in is constantly changing and evolving, and it is imperative that we can adapt to and overcome these changes.  Have you ever found yourself, or a loved one, in need of Emergency Services?  What was the first thing you thought about doing?  Who was the first person you contacted?  What number did you dial?  If this event were life-threatening, chances are the number you dialed was 9-1-1. Imagine this!  The same life-threatening scenario happens while you’re at work, but after dialing 9-1-1 from your desk phone, you hear “Your call cannot be completed as dialed.  Please consult your directory and try the call again”.  Instant panic sets in!  Believe it or not, this …

Hosted Virtual Desktops and Cisco Webex

Until now, virtual desktop users often suffered with terrible Webex audio and video quality. With the new Webex app for virtual desktops, we have a fix for that!