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Our legal clients must often consider the implications of merging firms across cities or expanding to another office with a new group of laterals. Our clients’ teams seek to immediately integrate and provide a singular experience to the new attorneys and staff. This goal of offering the same experience across all firm offices creates enormous challenges as scale increases.

If you are in growth mode, or evaluating a merger, would your technology timeline draw out over a few months… a year?

What if you could integrate systems, networks, communication tools, and begin working together – within days?

Covene & Cisco

Consolidation of internal billing, document management, and practice tools are critical and inherently complex. Layer customer-facing technology such as voice, messaging, video, and email systems during this critical phase, and complexity takes over.

Covene is uniquely positioned to help you navigate the communication technology hurdles you must cross to consolidate the firms. With proven expertise in navigating multiple mergers and acquisitions within the legal vertical, we will help you quickly and efficiently close the book on IT requirements. If you are considering, or are in a transaction, let us help so you can focus on building your new combined business.

Use industry-standard technology from Cisco including their enterprise networking, Meraki, WebEx, and Spark platforms, we will work with your team to close the gap and standardize communications across the new combined firm with great efficiency.

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Highly affordable Cisco Meraki software defined networking, wireless, and security solutions deliver connectivity with point-and-click ease of use. Explore the options for a truly simple IT infrastructure with your Covene team.

Cisco Spark service makes cloud-based instant communications and live meetings possible
through a deeply integrated set of industry-leading communications tools for an unmatched collaboration experience.

Cloud? On-premise? Hybrid? Covene and Cisco are driving the new era of unified communications by delivering a comprehensive collaboration experience on any device, to meet any business need – on any platform you wish!

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