It is more than a document.  It is more than an ethereal process.  It is a mindset and a regimented approach to delivering for our customers and partners.  Covene methodology, modeled after ITIL and Cisco PPDIOO technology project management processes, will compliment your existing business strategy.  In practice, our application of this methodology to Unified Communications, Mobility and Collaboration projects has provided consistent results and immeasurable success.

  • Assess – Understanding current posture is as important as future state. Covene brings past project experience to assist your teams in accurately assessing what people, process or new technology needs must be met to successfully implement your project.
  • Plan – Covene then works with your team to develop the plan and order of execution for the project. During this phase the teams focus on resourcing, financial & technical constraint identification, technology requirements, and risk mitigation plans. These identified components of the plan are then documented and incorporated into the final design.
  • Design –  The Design stage will produce the documentation & lab builds required for the next two phases. Detailed Design documents (before a single production system is affected), Risk Mitigation plans, and Operational documentation for administration & management of the final solution. The design documents are the ultimate Blueprint for initial implementation and future projects.
  • Implement – Accurate, efficient and on-time implementations are the goal of every organization. Covene’s process through to Implementation provides the solid foundation required for these goals to be met with implementation. Upon validating the final installation, Covene works with your team to transition to the next phase of operations.
  • Operate – Never an afterthought, operational support of the solution is a critical component of our projects. Whether it is including Covene into the operational support plan or utilization of in-house resources, Covene will help leadership identify the training, technology, and right people for supporting the solution.

It is more than a document, more than a process.  It is How We Work.